Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Whether it be annual maintenance, slow draining or a complete blockage, sewer cleaning is a vital component in maintaining your sewer’s health and longevity. There are many different reasons you might be experiencing sewer problems. If you suspect you might be having an issue don’t hesitate. Waiting is the worst thing you can do. Broken sewer lines are not only costly, but left unfixed they can result in extensive property damage, as well as health risks.

Sewer Rodding & Sewer Jetting: What’s the Difference?

Sewer Rodding Animation
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Sewer Rodding

This more traditional sewer cleaning method uses a mechanical snake that rotates through your pipes. Using different head attachments, we can clear blockages and cut through some roots. Though not as effective as jetting, if the blockage is tough enough, we need to start with rodding, then finish with jetting.

Sewer Jetting

This type of sewer cleaning is the newest, most efficient method of cleaning sewer lines. Instead of using a traditional metal drain snake, sewer jetting relies on extreme water pressure to clean even the most stubborn of clogs. Furthermore, jetting doesn’t just unclog — it cleans the line. Which means, after hydrojetting, a camera scope will get the best picture of what is happening in your sewer line — which could save you thousands of dollars in unreliable claims about sewer condition.

Reasons to Rod Your Sewer:

  • Sewers should be preventatively rodded, annually
  • Slow draining tubs, sinks and toilets
  • Gurgling drains and toilets
  • Stinky floor drains
  • Basement flooding

How and Why Are My Sewers Clogging?

  • Tree roots grow into small cracks or crevices in sewer pipe
  • Collapse of old pipe
  • Grease buildup from kitchen drain
  • Toilet paper or feminine hygiene product clogs
  • Non-degradable object flushing
HotJet USA Sewer Jetting Technology

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