Sump & Ejector Pump Installation

Rain, rain go away. No really, please go away and keep my basement dry! Twilight Home Services can help you with installation of sump pumps, emergency backup sump pumps, and ejector pumps to keep your basement the way it should be … dry!

Sump Pumps

Your sump pump is the most important tool you have to protect your basement against flooding.

How to test your sump pump:

  • Unplug your pump, then plug it back in — if it doesn’t turn back on immediately have the pump evaluated by a professional
  • Add water to the pit, manually pour at least 5 gallons into the pit. The float arm should rise in the basin and water should begin to start pumping out when the water reaches 8 – 12 inches from the top. If the water does not begin to pump also contact us immediately.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

If you only have one pump you aren’t fully protected! A battery back-up sump pump is an essential tool to have in your water abatement arsenal — and worth it’s weight in gold. Twilight Home installs a wide variety of professional grade residential and commercial grade backup pumps. Sit back and let Twilight Home help protect your basement.

Ejector Pumps

Ejector pumps are most commonly used in homes with basement bathrooms and laundry rooms. Ejector pumps essentially pump solid and liquid waste up and out of your home and into your main sewer or septic line. Ejector pumps need to be working properly or there can be serious consequences for your home — or even your health. If you suspect your ejector pump isn’t working properly, contact Twilight Home immediately and let them determine how to repair or replace your equipment.

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